In 2018 there were over 13 million property victimizations and over 17 million violent crimes in the USA alone. There is 1 burglary every 13 seconds and only 13% of burglary cases are unsolved due to “lack of a witness or physical evidence”. We’re here when you need us the most with a solution that will put the control back in your hands.

SECURITY Solutions


Record and monitor what matters most when you can’t be there


Knowing that our Solar Security Trailer is keeping an eye on things for you 24/7!

theft deterrent

The Lights and Siren keep trespassers at bay and it has built-in anti-theft features


Access your unit remotely 24/7 and get: Live multi-cam PTZ Control, Siren Control and Live SnapShots.

Customer Story:

“This s**t is awesome!
It’s just our tile guy”

 Here’s the story: Our customer, Tom, received a text alert for detected object motion from our Solar Security Unit. It was after Tom’s jobsite was supposed to be closed, when there is a higher risk for trespassing and potential theft. Tom viewed the live view of the camera on his phone to find it was just the tile contractor there to work after hours.

Don’t Be A Victim

“Former burglars say barking dogs and CCTV are best deterrent” *

“Ex-criminals tell Co-op Insurance most thieves are opportunists who tend to avoid difficult break-ins” *

HOUSTON [2019]

-Burglary by breaking and entering: 16,901
-Destruction, damage, vandalism:
-Motor vehicle theft:
-Stolen property offenses:
-Theft from building:
-Theft from motor vehicle:
-Theft of motor vehicle parts:

TEXAS [2018]

There were 706,544 reported crimes in Texas in the following categories from Jan-Dec of 2018:

-Motor Vehicle Theft:

“In 2020, according to the data, there will be an estimated 2.93 Million cases of serious property crime in the US”**

Flexible Options to meet your EXACT needs

Our ability to flexibly match your specific job site needs with rental or purchase options means that you will always be satisfied with the result. Click one of the links below to find out more about ways Wolf Security Cameras can fix your problems today. .

Solar powered

-No power source needed and It doesn’t have to be sunny!
-Dual solar panel assembly
-Power Conditioner to maintain voltage.
-Designed for areas without power.

remote access

-Full user remote access.
-Configurable for WiFi or Cellular connectivity.
-Strobe security lighting.
-Top-mounted high-gain 4G antenna for max strength

portabLE & DURABLE

-Fork-lift pockets for easy placement.
-Durable powder-coating to withstand tough conditions.
-Heavy-duty secure battery box.
-Sealed batteries for long-term application.
-18′ collapsible tower.

20-Day history

-4 customer-controllable day/night 30x zoom PTZ cameras w/ 360 o rotation.
-20-Day history of high-resolution video playback.
-2 Terabyte storage

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