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Channel Partner Program

Are you looking to increase your recurring monthly revenue? By becoming a Channel Partner Program member, we provide your company and your customers with a solution that will help them to increase their security and reduce costs while optimizing their existing security devices.

What's in It for You?

We provide our Channel Partner Program for security system integrators and dealers. Wolf Security Cameras is committed to training our partner companies on the best methods for designing, selling, and installing video monitoring applications. Let our team get to know how your company operates so we can help you position your services to your customers in the most meaningful and cost-effective manner.

Benefits for All Partners

Increased Recurring Monthly Revenue
Maximize your revenue potential with up-to-date managed and monitored video services. Increase your recurring monthly revenue and diminish those one-time sales.
Competitive Pricing
Improve your competitive advantage through unique security solutions at the best prices.
Unsurpassed Support
Work seamlessly with Wolf's sales and technical support staff around the clock to ensure you give your clients the very best services and solutions.
  • Add Wolf's Live Monitoring Services
  • Earn Bonuses on Your Referrals
  • Increase Your Client Services
  • Close More Sales
  • Provide Effective Solutions
  • Stand Out in a Competitive Market
  • Market to Larger Enterprise Businesses
  • Build a Competitive Edge
image of hexagons with training imagery inside of them
  • Sales Training
  • Technical Training
  • Ongoing 'Quick Start' Sales Training Program
  • Sales Support
  • Collaborative Sales Calls
  • Web Conferences and Demo Support
  • Solution Design Support
  • Technical and Operational Services
  • Project Consultation and Pricing Support


Fill out the Channel Partner Program form or call toll-free at (866) 471-4342 to learn how you can boost your company's profits.

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