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Video Surveillance

Take command of your business security from anywhere with remote management and monitoring features that keep you in the know 24/7.

Video Analytics and AI

Advanced algorithms ensure accurate event detection and analysis.
  • Real-time processing provides immediate threat identification and alerts.
  • Seamless integration with existing camera systems enhances security capabilities.
  • AI-driven insights offer proactive security measures and predictive analysis.

Remote Access

Access your surveillance feed from anywhere, anytime, with ease.
  • Secure login protocols ensure data privacy and unauthorized access prevention.
  • Multi-device compatibility allows on-the-go monitoring from various platforms.
  • Instant playback features enable quick event verification and review.

Loiter Detection & Parking Lot Security

Identify and send alerts on suspicious lingering activity efficiently.
  • Advanced motion tracking and weapons detection systems ensure precise detection of unusual movements on your Houston or Jefferson County, TX property.
  • Customizable sensitivity settings allow tailored security system monitoring of specific areas, such as entrances and parking lots.
  • Seamless integration with alarms ensures immediate response to threats.

Open/Close Virtual Escorting

Ensure staff safety during vulnerable opening and closing hours.
  • Real-time monitoring by security professionals offers peace of mind.
  • Instant communication with on-site staff aids in threat deterrence.
  • Seamless integration with alarm systems ensures rapid emergency response.

Construction Site Security Audits

Monitor and ensure strict adherence to safety protocols on-site in the Houston area.
  • AI-driven construction site security analysis identifies potential safety hazards and risks.

  • Time-lapse features offer daily site progress and activity reviews.
  • Integration with safety alarms and alerts enhances worker protection.

Talk Down Features

Two-way communication allows immediate intervention during threats.
  • Loudspeaker integration ensures clear audio communication with intruders.
  • Deter potential threats with vocal warnings and immediate alerts.
  • Record and store all interactions for evidence and future reference.

24/7 Live Monitoring

Continuous surveillance by trained professionals ensures constant security.
  • Instant response to security breaches minimizes potential damage.
  • Seamless integration with local law enforcement ensures rapid action.
  • High-definition feeds provide clear visibility and detailed analysis.

System Health Alerts

Real-time notifications alert to system malfunctions and issues.
  • Scheduled maintenance reminders ensure system longevity and performance.
  • Cloud backups guarantee uninterrupted surveillance and data protection.
  • 24/7 technical support offers immediate assistance and troubleshooting.

Commercial Pool Detection

Monitor pool areas for unauthorized access and potential hazards.
  • The AI-driven analysis identifies safety risks and unauthorized activities.
  • Seamless integration with alarms sends immediate alerts during breaches.
  • Waterproof camera options ensure clear underwater footage and monitoring.

Hold Up Panic Systems

Instant alerts signal emergency situations and potential threats.
  • One-touch communication connects with security teams immediately.
  • Seamless integration with local law enforcement ensures rapid response.
  • Loud alarms effectively deter potential threats and alert nearby individuals.

Remote Video Guarding

Trained guards monitor your feeds remotely, ensuring constant vigilance.
  • Proactive interventions during security breaches minimize potential risks.
  • Seamless integration with on-site security teams and weapons detection systems enhances response times to your Jefferson County area business.
  • High-definition feeds ensure clear event analysis and threat identification.

Protect Your Facilities With Commercial-Grade Security Solutions

Are you looking for a more proactive way to protect your business? Let us design a security solution tailored to your unique needs featuring the latest security technology.